10 Amazing Science Experiments That Will Impress All The Viewers


10 amazing science experiments

For someone science can be a serious thing, for others something not important at all. What’s for sure is that science, since the beginning of any civilizations, has always been the focal source of improvements and innovations, in a way or another, that allows humans to achieve new levels of life, work and entertainment.

Science is also something that not anyone may know or understand, therefore it can be mysterious, scary and amazing at the same time. You can visit this website in case you would like to have a deeper understanding of science and to know how it really works.
If becoming the next Einstein is not in your plans and you would like to have just some fun, this is the right place for you today. Some time ago we showed you 10 Awesome Science Experiments You Can do at Home.

Today we would like to impress you with another compilation of 10 cool science experiments that will blow your mind. 10 examples of how science can be astonishing and fascinating. 10 ways to use science like a magic trick that will make anyone shout loud Wow.

1. Jet engine in a jar.

Some alcohol and a jar. That’s only what you need.

2. Travelling flame.

Anyone has a candle, so this is quite easy to reproduce.

3. Soapy water and gas.

Dish washing liquid, butane gas and water. Your hand can inflame but doesn’t burn.

4. Drain cleaner and aluminium foil reaction.

How to inflate a balloon with a bottle, some aluminium foil and drain cleaner.
Note: please be careful because the hydrogen gas obtained by mixing aluminium foil with an acid from drain cleaner is highly flammable.

5. Brake fluid and pool chlorine fire reaction.

A new way to do a barbecue?

6. Coca Cola and pool chlorine reaction.

Next time you drink a coke, be sure to not mix it with some pool chlorine, unless you want to “explode”.

7. Fire snake.

Sugar, sand, baking soda, Zippo fluid. 4 ingredients to create a “monster”.

8. Elephant toothpaste.

Dish washing liquid, Hydrogen Peroxide 30%, food colouring, Potassium Iodide … and the result is …

9. Sugar and sulphuric acid reaction.

When white sugar turns black and terrifying.

10. Flammable hand sanitizer.

Another amazing way to become the next “Marvel Human Torch”.

Would you like to discover how exactly to reproduce this “magic”? Watch the video for the instructions.


Disclaimer: the fire experiments shown on this video can be extremely dangerous, hence perform only with adult supervision.

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