Top 10 Cake Art Designs Inspired by Famous Paintings


Are you a painter or a paintings lover? Do you like awesome charming things that you would never stop to collect and admire?

This photo gallery will demonstrate you how pure creative artists can make everything beautiful and astonishing, even when it comes to food and eating. We are going to show you a selection of 10 really amazing cake art designs inspired by famous paintings. Anyone who look at them will shout loud “Wow” and will be dazzled by their awesome and realistic look. These 10 cakes will keep you wonder whether to eat or admire them…maybe you could decide to postpone the “cutting ceremony”, so that you can have more time to stare at them and get lovely inspired.

So after we saw, last time, 18 of the most inspiring fancy cake designs, we are proud today to show you a wonderful selection of paintings inspired cakes you will always remember in your life.

10. Abstract painting inspired cake

abstract painting inspired cake

9. Monet water paintings cake art

monet water paintings cake art


8. Mosaic inspired cake art

mosaic inspired cake art


7. Munch – The scream painting cake

munch the scream painting cake


6. Painter pallet shaped cake

painter pallet shaped cake


5. Painter tools inspired cake art

painter tools inspired cake art


4. Picasso paintings cake art

picasso paintings cake art


3. Salvador Dali painting inspired cakes

salvador dali painting inspired cakes


2. Tiffany glass inspired cake

tiffany glass inspired cake


1. Vincent van Gogh inspired cake art

vincent van gogh inspired cake art

What kind of cake do you prefer most? The painting inspired design or the fancy cakes? Would you eat these cakes, or put them into a display cabinet like a knick-knack?

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