10 Dream Symbols You Should Never Ignore in Your Life


As living human beings, we all dream during sleeping. Even though we might not remember them, brain would be dead if we don’t dream at all.

But while dreaming is a matter of fact and everyone is certain about that, what’s behind our dreams is still a thrilling mystery. What do they mean? Are they just a signal of our state of mind? An elaboration of what we experience during the day? Supernatural signs trying to tell us something about our future?

10 Dreams Never Ignore

The interpretation of dreams has always been a kind of attraction for humans, inspiring magic, books, scientific studies, lotteries, etc. You can even find an online DreamBible: a kind of free online A to Z dream dictionary.

From a scientific point of view, famous personalities even gave to dreams an important role in men’s life: Sigmund Freud, with his “Dream Analysis Theory” considered dreams to be the “royal road to the unconscious”.

Some dreams may be more frequent and common than others and we always wonder – when we remember them – what they really mean and how we should behave when we have them.

This video will reveal 10 dream symbols: what they mean, how to interpret them, whether they are good or bad signals:

1. Flying
2. Waterfalls
3. Teeth
4. Death
5. Pregnant
6. Houses
7. Money
8. Adultery
9. Fire
10. Naked

Carl Jung believed that “dreams are a way of communicating and acquainting yourself with the unconscious. Dreams are not attempts to conceal your true feelings from the waking mind, but rather they are a window to your unconscious“.


What are your frequent dreams? What’s the best and the worst? Do you think they mean something or are just fantasy of our mind that we shouldn’t take too seriously?

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