10 Futuristic Bicycle Designs: is The Future Already Here?


Are you a sport person? Do you like running, swimming or riding a bicycle as a hobby or for work?
What if you can jump into the future and see how we will travel in our modern cities?

We searched the web and selected 10 of the most futuristic bicycle concepts currently available all around the world and the result is surprising. Did you know that some of them will become a reality very soon while others are already available on the market? Let’s discover them on this list: “10 bicycle models only people from the future can ride”.


A fully electric folding bike with a precise production and selection of unique materials (for customers who appreciate value, quality and innovation).
This bicycle is already a reality, on sale with 2 models and manufactured in Christchurch New Zealand. Entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the Most Compact Bike, it has a quite modern and futuristic design and you can buy it immediately … (if you can afford it – Ed.).

Ike Bike
Photo By Like Bike: http://www.yikebike.com


2. Cyclotron bicycle

A Revolutionary Spokeless Smart Cycle. It looks really cool and seems to be arrived from the future, right from the “Tron” movie and its lights system and design can surely impress anyone. According to the creators, this is the World’s First Hubless Smart Bicycle with Electronic E-Gear Box, Fully Integrated (no cables, no wires, no external components), in a Space Grade Carbon Fiber and equipped with an iPhone & Android App.
The coolest thing is that this model will be available on the market soon: already designed, prototyped and well tested, the team is crowd funding the project on Kickstarter and they’ve already reached the required amount of money, so we may not wait long before being able to buy it … hoping that the price will be fair!

Cyclotron Bike
Photo By Cyclotron Bike

Well guys, now that we’ve seen what the “present time” already has to offer, let’s look forward to discover what the near future might reserve us … as bikers and tech-lovers.

The Futuristic Bicycle Concepts

3. Mooby bike by Simone Madella

Mooby Bike
Photo By Simone Madella

A single-speed bike that re-imagines the structure of the urban commuter as a panelled, modular system that makes it possible to easily re-skin your ride with personalized graphics.



4. Eco 07 compactable urban bicycle by Victor Aleman

An urban bicycle designed to save space when it’s being transported or it’s not in use. The wheels are composed by six modules, each one with a double pivot in the joints to allow the wheels to fold and become smaller.
The double triangle structure is composed by expandable modules and each one can collapse to a smaller dimension.
The whole bicycle is modular and can be disassembled and assembled each time we want (like a toy? – Ed.).

4.eco07 Bike
Photo By Victor Aleman
Photo By Victor Aleman


5. EBIQ electric bicycle by Yuji Fujiwara

Designed as the conceptual idea for a future e-bike use. The battery also provides power to any gadgets stored in the compartment and you can recharge your laptop, iPod, cellphone, etc. The rider can charge his stored gadgets while pedalling.

Ebiq Bike
Photo By Yuji Fujiwara


6. Ford bicycle by Ford Motor Company and designer Jose Arturo Moreno

City bike concept designed for Ford, inspired by the Ford Focus ST 2013.

Ford Bike
Photo By Jose Arturo Moreno

The goal was to create a concept bicycle with a futuristic vision where cities are over populated and cars are not essential and not allowed everywhere.



7. Porsche bicycle by Bastiaan Kok industrial design

A bicycle concept inspired by the classic lines of the famous Porsche 911. Would you buy one and see it as a status symbol? Will rich celebrities and sport players buy it instead of a super car? We will know only in the future.

Porsche Bicycle
Photo By Bastiaan Kok


8. BMW bicycle by BMW

You all know what BMW is capable to do with cars: elegant, sports, luxurious and impressive. Now you also know that the company has ventured into the cycling industry and this is one of the concepts. Do you prefer Ford, Porsche or BMW?

BMW Bicycle
Photo By He Sams Aken

Further more, other futuristic bicycle concepts have been designed for BMW and the limit is only our imagination and creativity. Which one do you like most?


9. One Folding bicycle by Thomas Owen

One Bicycle
Photo By Thomas Owen

“One” bicycle provides a real solution to the problems involved with urban transport. With a revolutionary power assist system, it can be folded and turns into a smooth, light and compact case. Can it look like a kind of animal?


10. Locust Folding Bike by Josef Cadek

A full-valuable bike that can be folded and stored in small spaces (cases, car trunks). The main feature is the circular frame allowing unusual folding. This bicycle really looks like an insect … “with a very big size”.

Locust Folding Bike
Photo By Josef Cadek

What do you think about these models? Would you add other better concepts? Have you designed one and would you like to include it in this list?
Let us know by commenting below.

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