10 Unique and Best Luxury Cars in the World


Do you love cars? Do you like super luxury cars?

Whether you are a man or a woman, when it comes to living a luxury life and becoming the envy of others, cars have no gender and this 10 super cars can be the example of the luxury life of “provocative and classy women” or “rich, powerful and ambitious men”. If you had the possibility to own and drive one of these “monsters”, would you feel realized or just egocentric? Which one do you prefer for you as a woman or a man? Which one would you buy as a gift for your loving mate? Let’s discover them together.

1. Aqua Lamborghini. A blue water Lamborghini to make you feel completely free like the ocean and fast like a storm.

Lamborghini Aqua


2. Black Audi: a sport design with elegance. Do you feel a business person or a sport celebrity? Would you buy and drive this exclusive car?Audi black


3. Black BMW sport car. Is it enough aggressive for you?BMW black



4. ”Vision Next 100” BMW: are you ready for the future? Maybe it’s already here!

Futuristic BMW


5. Continental Gold Bentley GT. For those who would like to bring with them a bit of the “pirates treasure”.

Bentley Gold


6. Grey Lamborghini. Do you love sharp lines? This may be your choice.

Lamborghini Grey



7. “Not a regular” mirrored Ferrari. Would you like to become the star of “your universe”? Could this be a good option for you?

Ferrari Mirrored


8. White Bugatti Veyron. Great super car with elegance, sport and power all together, with a line ideal for both women and men, isn’t it?

Bugatti white


9. Mirrored Mercedes-Benz. Maybe not the last model, but it will surely “reflect” the beauty of your girlfriend/wife and your love for her. Would you seriously show your love in this way?

Mercedes mirrored


10. White Ferrari. It may not shine around the streets like a rainbow, but it will surely distinguish you for the elegance and Italian style. Can it be considered enough sober?

Ferrari white

So guys, which car are you?
Which one do you think would fit better a woman or a man?
What kind of car would you add to this list? Show us your style.

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