10+ Strangest And Most Unusual Snow Plows in the World


During our “journey” we have seen the coldest and more snowy places on earth, the best natural ice rink in the world, the ultimate winter drive fail compilation and more. Now it’s time to discover the funniest and craziest snow vehicles you can find around the world. The 10+ strangest and most unusual snowplows you might think.

People who read this list may believe that the human limit is just our imagination … and as long as we find an effective solution and reach a substantial result, any snowplows are welcome (Ed.).

1. 1919 Ford Model T “Snow Flyer” Coupe

Because snowfalls always existed and people had to find solutions even 100 years ago.

1919 Ford Model T Snowmobile

2. Bicycle snowplow

If you can’t afford any gasoline, this is a perfect solution.

Bicycle Snowplow

3. Ice bicycle

A thrilling way to ice-skate on your favourite lake.

Ice Bicycle


4. Mini car bobcat

When you have an old car to throw away, think again, you might discover that you can reuse it during winter, unless you live in the desert.

Mini Car Bobcat

5. Old Man With Walker Snowplow

Well, it may happen that you are not young enough to drive a car or ride a bike, but this is the demonstration that hope never dies and when there’s a will there’s a way.

Old Man With Walker Snowplowcredit: Brad Hines

6. Smart Car Plow

A “smart” way to plow snow in a fashion manner.

Smart Car Plow


7. Snow truck and observation platform

Sometimes snow can’t stop you doing your researches in the mountains.

Snow Truck Observation Platform


8. Sportster chopper snow machine

When you love your bike too much, you can keep riding even during winter.

Sporster Chopper Snow Machine


9. Studded snow bike tires

Another unusual way to make a bike unstoppable during snowfalls.

Studded Snow Bike Tires


10. Woman shoe snowplow

What if you go out for a date and it starts to snow? Don’t come back home: now you can clean the road with your shoes.

Women Shoe Snowplowcredit: Brad Hines

11. Yellowstone National Park Snow coach

No troubles getting into Yellowstone National Park this winter.

Yellowstone National Park Snow Coach

What’s your creative way to clean the snowy roads? If you don’t really want to get rid of the snow and like skiing, you may be interested in doing this with the coolest Harley-Davidson bike. We talked about that here.

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