10 Weirdest Christmas Nativity Scenes Around the World


Do you like looking at Christmas cribs during December and Christmas season? Do you make one by yourself at home or outside for the community? Along with the tree, the nativity set is a very common and traditional decoration people like making everywhere, but there are 10 places where the Christmas crib goes weird and astonished. In this article we are going to show them all, so that you can recreate them eventually or go right to the places and enjoy the vision.

1. Ice Christmas crib in Graz, Austria: set in the Landhoushof courtyard every year, embellished by artistic lights. An amazing show … until the temperature grows.

Ice Nativity Scene in Graz, Austria


2. Underwater nativity set, in Madrid zoo aquarium: ox and donkey becomes fishes and sharks.

Submarine Native Scene Zoo Aquarium Madrid


3. Christmas crib on boats in Cesenatico, Italy: the first and only floating nativity set you can find at the local seamanship museum. A new figurine is placed each year, so it’s a novelty every time you go there.

Nativity of The Navu in Cesenatico, Italy



4. Wax Christmas nativity set at the London Wax Museum: in 2004 the staff decided to reuse some of their celebrities statues to set a Christmas crib where the Beckham spouses were the new Jesus’ parents.

Wax Cristmas Crib London


5. Sand Christmas crib in Jesolo, Italy: the biggest sand nativity set in Italy is created each year in Jesolo, a seaside town where numerous sculptures come and “have fun” using also contemporary characters to populate the set.

Sand Christmas Crib Jesolo, Italy


6. Simpson cartoon Christmas crib: The Simpsons characters posed for the nativity scene in “Simpsons Christmas Stories” where you can spot Carl, Lenny, Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Principal Skinner, Dr. Hibbert and Professor Frink.

The Simpson Christmas Nativity


7. Bacon and Sausages Christmas crib: you can make it at home too, but it won’t last too much if you like it.

Bacon and Sausages Christmas Nativity Scenes



8. Cans Christmas nativity: for a nativity scene on a budget, some artists decided to use the Coca-Cola cans with the names of “Jesus”, “Maria”, “Josè” and “Angel” written on them and built the hut.

Crib of Coke


9. Lights Christmas crib in Manarola, Italy: the biggest nativity set in the world, made of 300+ life size figurines, 17,000 light bulbs and about 8 km of electric wires. Visible from 8th December until the end of January, it is, from 2007, the biggest one and in the Guinness World Records.

Crib Light Manarola in Italy


10. Christmas nativity set with the strangest figurines: what you do here is just replacing the statues with the ones you like most from your preferred movie, cartoon or game. It’s up to your originality.

Action Figure Cristmas Nativity Scene

This is our top 10. Do you like travelling the world? Have you seen or built something even better or more strange and original? We would like to improve or enrich our list with your contribution: maybe you will be the one who discovered the best and weirdest Christmas crib ever on this planet.

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