Why 1000+ Life Jackets Were Jointly Liable for Loads of Refugees Death

Mediterranean Migrants
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It was 2015 and over a million migrants crossed the Mediterranean Sea (most of them refugees from Syria, travelling from Turkey to Greece).

It was their dream, hope and only way to sadly escape their country, so severely devastated by an insane war. For few money they were able to buy a life jacket to keep safe during their dangerous trip (and attempt) to reach Europe.

Migrants Rescue
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But a “dark” reality was waiting for them. Those life jackets were fake and yet stuffed with packaging or made of sponge. What was meant to save your life, was so ridiculously “made to kill“. Even a kid would know that sponge absorbs water, making the wearer to sink rather than float.

That’s why now thousands of life jackets are piled on the Greek island of Lesbos, just above the village of Molyos. A sorrowful reminder of thousands of people, died in their way to a “better safe life”.

Life Jakets
Eric Kempson

So, was it not enough to transport them on overloaded little boats? Were them not enough “fragile” to grant a big fail and a miserable end for those poor migrants?

Money should never be a good reason to contribute to suffering and death. Hoping that one day, humans will finally start to really love, let’s pray that all those life jackets were not piled in vain.

Life Jakets Lesbo Island

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