The 11 Most Unusual Road Signs You Can Find Around


Have you ever driven or walked on the road in your life? If you are reading this article it’s almost impossible you have never done that, at least once in your existence. So you may also know the traffic signs in your country and their meaning.

Traffic signs or road signs are erected above or at the side of roads to give instructions or provide information to road users. The earliest signs were simple wooden or stone milestones. Later, signs with directional arms were introduced, for example, the fingerposts in the United Kingdom and their wooden counterparts in Saxony. (source: Wikipedia)

They are very useful indeed, but sometimes you may encounter unusual signs, especially if you travel a lot and in several different countries.

Today we decided to not take life so serious and have some fun with the weirdest road signs in the world. The top 11 funniest traffic signs you may find on earth. Despite the fact that they may be funny, they also fit the needs of the local area they are placed in, even though we wonder if some of them are fake or real.

11. Don’t disturb kangaroos … when they are trying to conceive a baby

animals deserve their privacy


10. Warning! There might be perverts around here. Real of fake?

be aware of perverts

9. Sometimes in Finland you should be concerned about thin ice – unless zombies are real in that place.

be aware of thin ice

8. An impacting way to ask to be aware of birds crossing the road. Is this Aussie care or humour?

cassowary sign



7. Don’t pee or don’t get drunk or you are in a big danger … of castration.

do not pee or castration

6. If you drive on this road, be aware of drunken people (not a new animal species).

Drunken People Crossing

5. Because sometimes it happens that cows can fall down on your car. Have you ever experienced that?

falling cow sign



4. It might be too difficult to drive on this road and you really need a good luck.

It is too difficult to drive

3. “Look right” road marking: they may have been very concerned about people’s safety, but they should learn the language better first.

Look right road marking

2. In case you DO NOT understand that you have to stop … and you will be “condemned” to stay where you are forever, unless your vehicle can fly.

stop and freeze forever

1. Is “Lord of the Ring” among us? Please tell us if this is real or fake!

you shall not pass

Do you think these signs are real or fake? What’s the funniest road sign you have ever seen in your life?

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