12 Amazing Sharp Objects That Go Beyond Cutting


Do you like blades, knives, swords, powerful hand weapons or collectibles? Today we have selected 12 amazing sharp objects that go beyond cutting. Unusual, weird and creative blades we are wondering if they are just for ornament or war.

Let’s enjoy this photo gallery and share your opinion.

1. Alien Slayer Futuristic Spiked Tri-Blade Hand Claw: for any sci-fi lovers

alien slayer futuristic spiked tri-blade hand claw


2. This knife looks like a kind of fish … but much more sharp

fish-like blade


3. AK47 Gun Shaped LED FlashLight Assist Opening Folding Knife

Alibaba is selling one here.

folding gun knive


4. Fury Double edge Strong Karambit Sharpened

You can buy it for just $40 here.

fury double edge strong karambit sharpened



5. Jagdkommando Integral Tri-Dagger Fixed Blade Knife – By David Ponce

For 100% more killing. The sheath can be used as a breaker’s handle and against glass. Impressive looking piece of kit. Since it can be used mainly to kill, people are wondering whether this item is legal. On sale here.

jagdkommando dagger w twisting blade


6. Katana with wooden stand

If you are passionate of Japan and Samurai this may be your best place: katanasforsale.

katana with wooden stand


7. Ornate oriental look knives

Just a decoration or a luxurious weapon?

ornate oriental knives


8. Otherworld Steampunk Gun Knife

Just for ornament or war?

otherworld steampunk gun knife



9. Skull Mayhem Hand Blade

Middle Ages is back.

skull mayhem hand blade


10. Tire Tool Knife – by Logan-Pearce

If you fix your tire, pay attention not to cut it too.

tire tool knife
By Logan Pears


11. Machete…for more than cutting and maintaining trails

war machete


12. Zombie Killer Skullsplitter Throwing Axe…right into the movie.

You can buy it for few Dollars on Amazon.

zombie killer skullsplitter throwing axe

Do you have some of them? Which one do you prefer? Do you know something better?

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