12 Hilarious Kitchen Fails That Will Make You Laughing


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Wherever you live, you need to cook and eat if you want to feed yourself and survive. Someone love eating, others love cooking or just both. Do you like cooking? Are you an expert or does sometimes something go wrong?

Recipes have always been popular, before, on paper and books, and even more nowadays thanks to internet. The World Wide Web made recipes so accessible and cooking much more easy, thanks to the availability of interaction and, first of all, videos. But despite that, sometimes things don’t go as we expect and the results can be so funny or desperate.

Today we are proud to show you the funniest ultimate cooking fail compilation. 12 hilarious kitchen fails that will make you laughing or feel ashamed. If they wanted to impress the guests with a spectacular result, they surely reached the goal, even if with a different reaction.

1. Smiley faces

smiley faces

source: Twitter

They were supposed to be cheesy smiley breads, but what they got were just tortured souls begging for death. Maybe this may be the perfect recipe for Halloween.


2. Tasty banana treats

tasty banana treats

source: imgur

The aim was to make chocolate covered bananas … but what they got are “Dick Pops” … not allowed to enter any school functions.


3. Birthday party cake

birthday party cake

source: imgur

A friend of his girlfriend made a cake for her daughters birthday party. One of the kids started crying because it was so ugly.


4. Chicken rising

chicken rising

source: imgur

Tight like sardines, they are trying to escape and run away.


5. Pressure Cooker nightmare

pressure cooker nightmare

source: imgur/dukegonzo

This is what happens when safety features in a pressure cooker fail: terrifying!


6. Caramel overcooking

caramel overcooking

source: imgur

Someone forgot he was cooking some caramel, now it’s a volcano and he is ready to start his journey to the centre of the earth.


7. The short-sighted bread

short-sighted bread

source: imgur

This time the baker lost something … hopefully no one felt down into the dough mixer.


8. Slight kitchen mishap

slight kitchen mishap

source: imgur

Someone will have a lot to clean … do you need some days off?


9. Nuclear pizza on its way

nuclear pizza

source: imgur

Are we in war or is it just a dream?


10. Burning spaghetti

burning spaghetti

source: imgur

Is it the right way to cook spaghetti? Would you like to eat some spaghetti barbecue this evening?


11. “Backside” chocolate cake

anus chocolate cake

source: imgur

I do really think it’s better to slice this cake before serving it.


12. Meatloaf baby

meatloaf baby

source: imgur

Is it time for dinner or for a sacrifice?

How good are you in the kitchen? What’s your worst and best experience with cooking? Do you have any pictures of some kitchen fails of yours you would like us to add to this list? Contact as for free.

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