132-Year-Old Lobster ‘Pardoned’ After Two Decades In Restaurant

butch yamali with lobster louie 132 old years
Pete’s Clam Bar owner Butch Yamali with Louie Lobster. Pictures: Facebook | Pete’s Clam Bar

This is the amazing story of Louie the Lobster. Louie is a 132-Year-Old crustacean and spent two decades at a New York restaurant. Now, the new owner decided to be mercy and released it into the ocean.

“Don’t be ‘shellfish’. Help the town of Hempstead protect our wildlife. This National Lobster Month we set free 22-pound, 132-year-old Louie the Lobster at Peter’s Clam Bar so he could live back under the sea.” This is what you can read on a post appeared on the Supervisor Anthony J. Santino’s official Facebook page.

pete's clam bar long island and lobster louie
Pete’s Clam Bar, in Long Island. Picture: Instagram | Pete’s Clam Bar

The owner Yamali, was so attached to the lobster that he became “like a pet”. That’s why he refused the offer of one of his clients who asked to purchase Louie.
And this refusal was providential, because a week later the crustacean has been released back into the sea.

lobster louie 132 old years
Louie the giant lobster, believed to be 132 years old. Pictures: Facebook | Pete’s Clam Bar

Some people commented that after decades spent in captivity, the lobster will not be able to survive and will die very soon. Therefore it would have been better to put him in an a protected aquarium. But regardless of that, an expert said Louie will likely survive despite spending much of his life in captivity and having lost a claw, due to a lack of natural predators.

What do you think? Would you have preferred to eat Louie or do you agree with his release? Will he survive? What would you have done if you were in the same situation? Do you think it is an action of mercy or just an idea to promote the restaurant?


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