18 of the Most Inspiring Cake Designs


Cake design is the art of decorating cakes, sweets and bakery products in order to make them more attractive to the customers. The cakes may also be sculpted in order to have the shape of objects, characters, people and so on. Made in occasion of events and parties and with their origin dated back to the eighteenth century, these kind of cakes are nowadays widespread and the large competition always challenges the cake artists/designers to produce more and more amazing products that let people say “wow”.

Cake design can be very inspiring and emotional, with the ability to customise the product to any occasions and tastes. Sometimes it’s even a pity to cut and eat them: you wish to preserve them forever, like a real sculpture placed on the entryway of your house.

Among all the examples you can found on the market, we selected 18 of the most amazing yet inspiring cake designs that will immediately let you desire one for your next party or even company advertising. These are 18 of the most attractive fancy cakes that you won’t stop looking at.

1. 1900 Dress Style cake

1900 dress style cake design


2. Autumn Season theme cakes

Autumn Season Theme Cake Design


3. Big Regal Ring

Big Regal Ring Cake


4. Blue Peacock ornate cakes

Blue Peacock Ornate Cake



5. Cartoon inspired cake

boxes with gears cake


6. Castle Landscape

cartoon inspired cake art design


7. Boxes with Gears

castle landscape cakea art


8. Fairy Tale inspired cakes

fairy tale cake design



9. Louis Vuitton Royal Crown

louis vuitton royal crown cake art


10. Peacock Shoe

peacock shoe cake art


11. Rainbow Unicorn

rainbow unicorn cake design


12. Retro 1900 Style design

retro 1900 style cake design



13. Robot Cartoon

robot cartoon cake


14. Toys theme

toys cake art design


15. Underwater World

underwater world cake art


16. Vintage Tea Cups

vintage tea cups cake


17. Wedding Dress

wedding dress cake design


18. Woodland

woodland cake art


Which cake design do you like most? Would you buy one of them for your next party? Are you able to do better?

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