4 Life Hacks With Your Locks … When You’ve Lost the Keys


Do you use locks to close and protect your things? Have you ever been in the position to have lost your keys and you didn’t know how to open the locks? Do you normally use locks to keep safe your doors, bike, bags or anything else, convinced that nobody else can steel your things?

This video will show you 4 amazing, yet controversial life hacks with locks and how it can be so easy to open or brake them without any special equipment.

While these tricks could save your day (with your things), what if others use them too (with your things)? Is it time to change your mind? To rethink your safety measures and change your locks or anti-burglary system?

  • A little piece of can,
  • A piece of metal and some fire,
  • A pair or wrenches.


In case you are thinking this video could be renamed “basic kit for a newbie criminal”, let us explain that with this video we mean to bring to your attention the potential threats, so that you can use the proper safety measures and make this “kit” useless for thieves. Nevertheless, you can use them as well … with your own things, may you be in trouble with your locks.

Last but not least, this video will show you also how to lock your door without a key and the tool is something anyone in this planet may have. Enjoy the view!

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