Very Special 6-Month-Old Baby Does Abs Workouts With His Mum

6 month old baby abs workouts

This is Roman and he is a very special six-month-old baby. This little boy left her mother completely shocked when she saw him copying her during abdominal workouts.

On this video you will see this woman encouraging her little kid, face to face, doing the exercise together and the images are so cute and inspiring. This baby will surely grow abs of steel and if he can do that now, imagine what he will be capable of when he grows.

But is it right, good and safe doing exercises with your baby?

According to some sources, it is a nice way to lose weight, tone muscles and have fun with your kid (at home, in the garden, at the park or wherever else you prefer). You can even find tutorials teaching you awesome abs workouts to tighten your tummy, while passing some precious time with your loved son or daughter: from the “Multitasking Move” to the “Alphabet Abs Core Move”, you have plenty of choice.

In this other article you can also find other 8 new-mum workout moves to do with your baby: energizing exercises that you can do at home in minutes.

If text and few pictures are not enough to convince you that you can do exercises and play with your baby at the same time, this video will make you change your mind. Next time you feel the need to keep fit and also stay with your little kids, you know that you can do them all together, simultaneously and at the same place.

Again, this is a video demonstration that workouts can become lovely and cute moments from which the whole family can take advantage.

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