Achill Island, Ireland: Beach Vanishes 33 Years Ago and Now is Back Again.

dooagh beach achill island ireland
Dooagh beach on Achill Island, Ireland | Image: Achill Island Tourism

33 years ago an Irish beach literally disappeared from the coast of Achill Island, but this year 2017, for the first time since 1984, it is returned to Dooagh Bay (a village located on Achill Island in County Mayo, Ireland). If it is to stay, it may join the list of the renowned five Blue Flag beaches this island already has.

The beach vanished due to strong tides, abnormally high sea levels and a lack of seaweed. After 33 years, almost the same processes brought the beach back: after the ocean has deposited an extensive quantity of sand onto the formerly rocky landscape. Appeared just in time for the summer season, the amazing reborn beach is expected to remain in place for summer 2017 and its story is getting viral all around the world.

This is an amazing article that explains “why beaches lose their sand – and then suddenly reappear“.

dooagh beach achill island before and after
Dooagh beach on Achill Island, Ireland | Image via The Sun

Achill Island is the largest island off the coast of Ireland, and situated off the west coast. It is not famous just for this “magical” appearance: it also boasts some of the finest beaches in Ireland, including five Blue Flag beaches that excel in terms of water quality, environmental education, environmental management, and safety and services.

You can bath on a hot summer’s day, try snorkelling on the Blueway Trail, do surfing, windsurfing and sea kayaking, or enjoy a bit of history with promontory forts and prehistoric fields.

dooagh beach achill island ireland map

And if you like culture, Achill Island attracts and inspires artists, writers, sculptors and photographers such as the painters Paul Henry and Camille Souter, or the writers Heinrich Boll and Graham Green. Further more, Scoil Acla summer school (founded in Dooagh in 1910) continues to provide tuition and performances in traditional Irish music, arts and culture.

Keem Bay, Trawmore Strand, Silver Strand, Golden Strand, Dooega (or Camport Bay). These are the 5 Blue Flag beaches that may hopefully have a new sixth friend in the near future: the pristine sand reappeared at Dooagh after a freak tide.

Do you like the atmosphere of the “Emerald Isle”? If you have already been in Dublin or you are planning to visit the city, remember that Ireland has much more to offer. Who knows? Maybe you will find another new beach when you land on the Island.


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