7 Most Affordable Equipments to Do A Great Underwater Photography


affordable underwater photography equipments

About 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water. Similarly, a human body is made of up to 75% of water (when we are children). Water is everywhere and is essential for any kind of life on this planet.
(Source: USGS and National Geographic)

When we see or touch water we feel relaxed and happy. It’s a kind of battery charger – along with other things. Even pictures with water can make us feel better. With these assumptions, underwater photography can be one of the most amazing things we can practice.

But is underwater photography expensive and reserved to professionals? The answer is “NO” and on this article we will show you how underwater photography can be, nowadays, a cool hobby for everyone, any wallets and taste. We will show you cheap and yet effective “gadgets” to take pictures underwater without spending all of your income in expensive and exclusive equipments.
Either you just own an innovative camera or a simple cell phone, you can still take a snap of the peculiar and sometimes mysterious “waterworld”, or impress your friends with a snapshot of yourself immersed in the uncommon and magical scenario of water (either it’s the ocean, the river, a lake or a stylish pool).

So what are the equipment nowadays available on the market? Choosing the right one can be quite confusing, although exciting: waterproof cases, underwater housing, a waterproof camera, underwater drones. If you are an average hobbyist or you are moving your first steps into the fabulous world of underwater photography, here’s the list of the 7 most affordable solutions anyone can access to.


1. Waterproof case

waterproof case for smartphone and documentsYour smartphone or “Point & Shoot” compact camera become the perfect companions during your holiday. With few dollars you can “save your memories” even under the sea.
Smartphone example
Compact camera example


2. GoPro Dive Housing

gopro dive housing

With an ultra durable construction and waterproof to 197′ (60m), this item is good for deep sea diving and extreme activities.
See on Amazon*.

* you will need a GoPro camera like the one showed on point 3 below. This housing will improve the GoPro waterproof feature.



3. Waterproof GoPro camera

waterproof gopro cameraHigh Quality images for a life on the move.
You can by one here.


4. Waterproof case for DSLR Cameras

waterproof case for dslr cameras

If you like going more professional and less portable, but still spending few money, this is a great solution.


5. All-In-On Waterproof Camera

allinon waterproof camera

If you don’t want to get mad with multiple purchases and compatibility issues, you can get everything you want at once buying a complete compact set, but still keeping on the budget.
Look at this underwater diving action camera.



6. Underwater Housing for Compact cameras

Underwater Housing for Compact cameras

When you prefer to keep compact but you are looking for higher professional standards of functions, style and durability.
See some examples here.


7. Remote-controlled Underwater drones

gladius submersible drone

After the big success of drones applied in everything – delivery included – drones are becoming an exceptional way to explore the underwater world and do some photography, without the need to be physically present. An amazing way to dig also into dangerous or not easy accessible places (or if you just hate to get wet). You can find several models on the market, quite expensive stuff for really professional applications. But now multiple projects have been launched to produce consumer levels submarine drones that don’t require you to be an international marine biologist photographer with top-notch gears.


Above all, there is one that attracted our attention: Gladius Submersible Underwater Drone.
According to the designers, this is the most affordable and easy to use underwater photography drone allowing you to capture high quality photos and videos or live stream your dive in real-time. Started as a crowd-funding project on indiegogo, they massively surpassed the initial goal by 1639% and it will be available on the market around July 2017.
Whether you’re a scuba diver, underwater photographer, commercial diver, oceanographer or just want to have fun, this product will fit any uses thanks to its cool features:

  • 1080P or 4K video,
  • 16 Mega Pixels photo camera,
  • 100m diving capabilities,
  • 500 metres (1,640ft) horizontal range,
  • Live Streaming,
  • Smart Imagery System,
  • iOS/Android App,
  • Quad Thruster System,
  • Omni Directional Movement,
  • Neutral Buoyancy,
  • Adjustable LED Lights,
  • Long Range Wifi Buoy,
  • 3.5 Hour Battery Life,
  • Durable Travel Carrying Case,
  • Semi Tether Connection,
  • Smartphone controller with a video game-like experience.

You can know more on their website or seeing this video presentation:

What are your best underwater photos? Show them to us and we will share your creations with the whole world. We will “promote” you totally free of charge (your photos will remain yours and we will not use it for purposes other than for showing them on one of our articles with a full credit to you).


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