How to Build Muscles Without a Modern Expensive Gym


In 2017 people and our life styles have become quite sedentary. This condition, along with unhealthy food – now more than before – makes us in great need to stay fit and do workouts and exercises if we wish to build and keep a charming and muscular body.


There are different ways, places and equipments to do that: from cool expensive gym chains to home gyms built in the comfort of your garage; from advanced instruments to simple and basic tools that you can find only on gyms or buy online:

  • Dumbbells and kettlebells,
  • Weight plates and barbell sets,
  • Benches,
  • Leverage Systems,
  • Smith Machines,
  • Multi-Gyms,
  • Power Cages & Racks,
  • Cable Machines,
  • Chest, Shoulder, Leg, Arm, Back and Abdo Machines,
  • VKR/Dip Stations,
  • Suspension trainers,
  • Treadmills,
  • Hand Weights,
  • Bikes,
  • Punch Bags,
  • Steppers,
  • Abdominal Rollers,
  • Hex Weights,
  • Power Towers,
  • Chest Expanders,
  • Ropes,
  • etc.

Well, it can happen that, because of lack of time and/or high prices, some people may refrain from doing muscles exercises: they just can’t afford a gym or the last equipment model. But, these guys demonstrates that when there’s a will there’s a way and that you can build powerful muscles and a lean body with simple and cheap things, maybe not fashionable, but surely effective, given the results.

Watch this video from African Bodybuilders to discover how:

What kind of gym and exercise do you prefer? Would you do like these boys? Do you think you can build big muscles without expensive gyms and equipments?

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