Air Guitar World Championships: The Music Competition Where You Play Without Playing A Guitar


air guitar

Do you like music and guitar? Can you play this instrument? No? No problem guys, because now you can participate and win a guitar championship even if you can’t play a guitar! How? You buy a ticket to Oulu, Finland – unless you already live there – and enter in the Air Guitar World Championships. This is the only competition where you can play a guitar without playing a guitar. And the event is so successful that it’s the 22nd year they hold it.

People from all around the world gathered in Finland last month to compete each other playing an ‘invisible’ guitar.

So here’s how it works

Every year, in early spring, the official National Championships start the Air Guitar season. Only the national champions go directly to the World Final. On the notes of famous tunes, contenders mimic the moves of guitarists and entertain the audience with creative and/or funny performances. A jury votes the artist and judge who’s the best.

air guitar

The National Air Guitar Championships are held in different countries around the globe and if yours is not on the Air Guitar map yet, you can still be ‘part of the party’ by participating in the Dark Horses’ Qualifying Round in Oulu, Finland. You can even go beyond and organise one National Air Guitar Championship in your country (if there’s not one yet).

But why an Air Guitar World Championship? Why playing without playing?

According to the official website, the purpose is to promote world peace. They believe wars would end, climate change stop and bad things disappear, if all the people in the world played the Air Guitar.


This is the slogan of the event. For this reason, in the capital of Northern Scandinavia, in a harsh climate – but with a breath-taking nature, world-leading technological expertise and cutting-edge university research – ‘peaceful people’ meet together and, despite the poor weather conditions, exhibit themselves in awesome performances.

air guitar

This year 15 air guitarists competed in the world finals. Artists from USA, German, Australia, Japan, Canada, UK, South-Korea, Sweden, Pakistan and Taiwan. And you can even follow the competition via live stream (a nice way to reach the whole world, for an event that aims to reunite people from all over the globe).

This ‘peculiar’ music competition promises to give incredible performances, international love and big emotions. To discover more, you can visit the official Air Guitar World Championships or follow their YouTube channel.

To be honest, some performances were really nice, even if I do prefer playing a true instrument, rather than mimic it. What do you think? Do you like this initiative? Can you feel involved?


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