How A 1,000km Arctic Row Can Devastate Your Hands: Champion Alex Gregory Shows Shocking Image Of His

alex gregory artic row
Alex Gregory | Twitter

33-year-old Olympic and world champion rower Alex Gregory showed shocking images of his devastated hands after 1,000km Polar row. This man is for sure the best person to call if you want to move fast on water and you don’t have an engine for your boat, but this time he decided to go beyond the limits.

The five time world championship winner joined a hard expedition with eight fellow rowers that went from Norway to Iceland. In nine days they had already completed 965km. A length that made them achieve eight world records.

But after five days of no visible sun, their solar-powered battery was over. With no electricity available, the crew decided to proceed and steer manually, taking a big risk only the greatest people could cope with.

On last 18th August Gregory wrote on Facebook: ‘We never seem to be getting very far, nothing changes..
I’ve never been so wet and cold. It’s seeping into my bones, there is absolutely no escape from it. 2 degrees, 99% humidity nothing will dry. I have to wait for land. It’s getting worse though, the colder I get, the more I have to work during my shift, the sweater I get, the wetter I get, the colder I get.’

Eventually the team managed to safely reach the dry land and Greory decided to share a photo of his hands on his Twitter profile. The challenge was so hard and the risk so high that the image is quite shocking. It’s unbelievable those hands belong to a 33-year-old healthy guy. The look can be disgusting and unreal, but that’s what may happen when you choose the Arctic as your field to practice extreme sports and go beyond the limits.

Fortunately the sport champion is safe now, but his picture got viral and generated loads of comments.

Sport can surely keep you fit and healthy…as long as you don’t risk your life. Would you do like Alex Gregory? Do you think it’s important to practice extreme sports?


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