Terror Pranks Against Ordinary People On The Streets: These Are The Reactions


In those times, where terror attacks and criminal actions may take place every day, anywhere in the world, what if a guy dressed as Arab approaches and threatens you? What if a guy is shot on the street where you are passing by?

Imagine you are walking alone or with your friends, in your way to the market, school or home, and you suddenly spot a guy begging to not being shot, but the tragic event happens, right in front of your eyes. What would you do if you were there?

Close your eyes for a moment and think of you running in the park, riding a bike or enjoying a bonding time with your friends. How would you feel and react if an Arab looking guy comes close to you – speaking unknown Arab-like worlds – and suddenly throws a mysterious bag against you?

allahu akbar prank

What if this same guy puts a bag into your car, when you are parked along the street, waiting for your daughter to come out from the store?

All these situations could be real or just a prank. But human mind and instinct often go beyond the reality to grant us a prompt response and save our lives. So how would you feel?

What would this events trigger on you? Will you have nightmares every night until the end of times?

Well, if you like pranks and scary, thrilling moments, this video is for you. A video about normal people, during ordinary quite moments, interrupted by unexpected things that may influence them forever.

Let’s see together how they reacted and if you would do the same.

allah akbar prank park

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