How The World Can Surprise Us With These 17 Amazing Pictures

lavender fields
Tomas Vocelka

We are just little creatures on this big world. But extraordinary, almost perfect elements among the beauty of our planet. Complex machines always attracted by mesmerizing things both nature and humans can create.

While painting and sculptures were the main ways men used to “fix the beauty in time”, nowadays a more instantaneous and realistic technique is in use, so popular and accessible that sometimes it seems so ordinary: this is photography.

Photography is “the science, art, application and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation, either electronically by means of an image sensor, or chemically by means of a light-sensitive material such as photographic film”.
(source: Wikipedia)

It’s thanks to photography that today we are able to show you a collection of some of the most charming things we can find around the world. A photo gallery of 17 pictures that will leave you so astonished that you will desire to want more and more.

1. Big tree trunk cave: the nature goes giant.

big tree trunk cave


2. Dubai aerial photo: futuristic cityscape.

dubai aerial photo


3. Gravity art: balanced stones.

gravity art - balanced stones


4. kjeragbolten suspended rock in Norway.

kjeragbolten suspended rock in norway


5. Lighthouse in the middle of water.

lighthouse in the middle of water


6. Muhammed Ali Mosque interior – Cairo Egypt.

lighthouse in the middle of water


7. Natural rocks looking like ground bricks.

natural rocks like ground bricks


8. Natural sinkhole: ready for the journey to the centre of the earth?

natural sinkhole


9. Panska Skala cliff – Czech Republic.

panska skala cliff czech republic


10. Petra temple – Jordan: carved into the rock mountain.

petra temple jordan carved into rock mountain


11. Red beach in Panjin, China: immersive vision.

red beach panjin china


12. Smiley face on Kilauea volcano crater, Hawaii: earth is happy today.

smiley face kilauea volcano hawaii


13. Tree grown through the rock: nothing will stop me from coming to life.

tree through the rock


14. Volcano landscape with lava: what a hot day guys.

volcano landscape with lava


15. Water and nature: the bizarre shapes and illusions of water.

water and nature


16. Water in a cave: do you feel enough brave to explore it?

water in a cave


17. Waterfalls and rock erosion: a natural aquatic park?

waterfalls and rock erosion


These 17 pictures are a clear evidence of the beauty of our planet and the humans inhabiting it. Why sometimes it looks like we want to destroy it and ourselves at any cost? So always see, take and keep the best out of anything and continue enhancing them because we deserve it.

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