Natural Way to Get Rid of Skin Tags: The Benefit of Apple Cider Vinegar

Eye Skin Tags

Do you know what skin tags are? Do you have some? Do you know when they should be removed and how? Would you like to know how to do that by yourself naturally, with a simple and easily available product?

In this article we will tell you what skin tags are and how to get rid of them just using Apple Cider Vinegar.

What are skin tags?
Also called acrochordons, they are small and soft skin growths appearing as balloons of hanging skin. Very common among all people, one person can have from one to hundreds of them. Unless harmless, they can be quite annoying or unattractive.

Where can they appear?
They can occur almost anywhere on the body covered by skin. They tend to grow mainly on eyelids, armpits, neck, under breasts and groin folds, with neck and armpits being the most common areas. Basically, zones where skin rubs against skin are the most prone to develop them.

Who may have them?
Almost everyone, at some point, can develop skin tags and middle-ages and obese adults (who can develop the so called acanthosis nigricans) are most prone to acrochordons. Hormone elevations may increase their formation, for example during pregnancy.

Armpit Skin Tags

What are the ordinary ways to remove skin tags?
Since they are harmless, they don’t have to be treated unless they are irritating: the ones more exposed (therefore, with a higher risk of bleeding) or on the eyelids, because they can lead to a blurred vision.
Ordinary medicine can employ destructive treatments including freezing, tying off with a thread or suture, burning or cutting off. No anaesthesia is required since the procedure is painless.

If you may think that their removal can lead to additional growths, don’t worry: there’s no evidence that this will cause more tags to grow. The truth is that some people may be simply more prone to developing skin tags and may assist to new growths periodically.

Besides the ordinary medical treatment, a new natural cure has been found (or rediscovered – Ed.): Apple Cider Vinegar. A perfect home-made remedy, accessible to anyone and surely very cheap. Thanks to this remedy, you can avoid spending money on a cosmetic operation. Unless this natural alternative has no scientific evidence of its effectiveness, many people declare to have used it with success.

Neck Skin Tags

According to Skin Tags Gone website , Apple Cider Vinegar does really work.

Why does it work?
Thanks to its acidic properties. It’s quick, safe and cause just a minimal irritation to the surrounding area. It attacks the tissue that causes the skin tags formation. Once destroyed, it turns black and die. This deeper effect should prevent the skin tags to return in the future.

Note: keep in mind that anyone is different and each individual will react differently to the solution.

What’s the right procedure to follow?

  1. Clean the area completely, removing all the particles of sweat and dirt;
  2. Soak a small cotton ball in the Apple Cider Vinegar (ordinary or organic);
  3. Apply and hold the soaked cotton ball on the skin tag area, in order to obtain a full exposure. Someone recommends just few minutes, others an hour or overnight – just experiment and see what works best for you.
  4. Wash the area again after you remove the cotton ball (for social reasons, unless you love the smell);
  5. Repeat all the previous steps for several weeks or until you reach the results.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Following you can also watch a quick video that will explain the procedure you have to follow.
Whatever remedy you will decide to use, keep calm and bear in mind that skin tags are not tumours, but completely benign, nor they are contagious. Apple Cider Vinegar must not be used for skin tags close to your eyes or in your mouth. In the rare cases you have any doubts, or the skin tags have changed colour or bleed, always consult a doctor for a specific analysis (for ex. dermatologists, family or internal medicine physicians). We do not intend to recommend a DIY treatment and medication. This is a little guide to make you a bit more informed and aware of the issue.

If you would like to know even more about skin tags and how to treat them, here is a quick guide written by Dr. Gary W. Cole, MD, FAAD.

Have you ever had any skin tag? Which treatment did you use? Was the Apple Cider Vinegar effective for you?

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