12 Astonishing Examples of Artworks Made of Metal


From being a crucial building block of steel to nourishing plants and helping carry oxygen in your blood, iron is always busy helping sustain life on Earth.
(Source: Live Science)

According to archaeologists, people have been using iron for more than 5,000 years. Read the Jefferson Lab website for more details about that.

How is iron obtained?
From minerals hematite and magnetite. In smaller degrees, it can also be obtained from the minerals taconite, limonite and siderite.

How is iron used?
Very common in our planet, this metallic chemical element has many uses in different industries and even in the human body (as an important nutrient in our diet).
Beyond the diet, iron is a strong and cheap metal. Therefore it’s used to manufacture tools, cars, ships, machine and building parts, appliances, surgical equipments, etc. To learn much more you can read this useful article about the use of iron.

Iron is so versatile that people can create real beautiful pieces of art, from sculptures to various ornaments and objects. In this article we will show you an amazing photo gallery where humans used iron to embellish ordinary items and the environment around.

1. Bench iron armrest and leg

bench iron armrest and leg


2. Big knotted iron hose sculpture

big knotted iron hose sculpture

It could be easily used to create a monumental sigarette sculpture like the ones we’ve talked about on the article “17 of The Most Amazing Sculptures Around the World“.


3. Fancy iron bench. You can feel as if you are living in a fairy tale.

fancy iron bench


4. Flowers iron sculpture

flowers iron sculpture

This work is probably attracting the attention of many visitors.


5. Industrial style bench

industrial design bench wrench roller chain

The back is made by assembling wrenches, while the legs are roller chains.


6. Iron feathers. Not so soft like the real ones.

iron feathers


7. Iron wheat ears. Don’t try to eat them.

iron wheat ears


8. Ornate iron bench. This piece is really astonishing.

ornate iron bench


9. Oval lampshade made of metal rings

oval lampshade made of metal rings


10. Peacock metal sculpture. When iron can be so charming.

peacock metal scultpure


11. Wooden stool with a rusty iron chain used as legs

rusty iron chain stool legs

Another industrial design piece of furniture.


12. Welder at work iron sculpture

welder at work iron sculpture

Hopefully the man will not melt together with the metal.

Do you love iron as a work or art material? Which object would you prefer to place in your house?

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