Batmobile Creator Sells His Astounding Golden Ferrari And It Can Be Yours For Just $200K

front ferrari 308 gts george barris
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He was the creator and father of the internationally known Batmobile and K.I.T.T. car from ‘Knight Rider’ TV series, and yet the owner of a totally customised Ferrari 308 GTS. His name is George Barris and owner of the Kustom Car Industries, one of the most famous custom car shops in the world. His Ferrari was completely transformed in 1978 and already had TV, phone and Hi-Fi at the time.

Now it’s on sale for just 200,000 Dollars, but features golden interiors and has equipments only the Batmobile or K.I.T.T. dared to have. They were just a film product, but this Ferrari is for real and now it can be yours. Its price has been considered too much for those who love just the originals, but for any custom car lovers, this is just a bargain.


Why did Barris transform his car?

During a rally he arrived with his Ferrari 308, parked it and then he wasn’t able to find it any more, lost among dozens of Ferrari all identical to each other (red coloured with black interns). That’s when Barris came up with the idea to literally revolutionise his super car, turning it into the most custom car on earth.

inside ferrari 308 gts george barris
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How super this car is?

The front and rear fenders were dramatically flared to accommodate extra-wide BBS wheels and tires. He installed driving lights behind amber covers, much like the contemporary 512 Berlinetta Boxer.

Headlamps were relocated to the grille below the bumper, and a deep chin spoiler was fitted, while a custom grille was fabricated for the rear.

speaker ferrari 308 gts george barris
Hyman Ltd

Silhouette completed, the new creation was finished with metallic gold upper panels and metallic copper lower panels, separated by green, white and red stripes around the lower belt line.

But it wasn’t enough and George Barris decided to add some golden touch: real gold leaf pinstriping to adorn the upper bodywork and ties in the gold-finished BBS RS alloy wheels.

ferrari 308 gts firm george barris
Hyman Ltd

Do you think Barris stopped here? No way, because his remarkable touch can be seen in every corner and spot of his car. So you get inside and you immediately notice the re-upholstered seats that continue the Italian flag motif, and the fully custom digital instrument pod and centre console. A dramatic high-tech interior design including an integrated NEC telephone, Sony television, Kenwood audio system, and a back up camera. If this may sound quite normal nowadays, remember that it was 1978 and this stuffs were definitely cool and forefront.

And the fabulous travel into the most custom car you can ever find all over the world doesn’t end here. If you continue exploring the vehicle, your attention is immediately caught by gold plating embellishing the spokes on the Nardi steering wheel and much of the switchgear and interior hardware.

back ferrari 308 gts george barris
Hyman Ltd

The Berris’ costom Ferrari 308 was so stunning that it made even a cameo appearance on a ‘Knight Rider’ episode, with the name of “Dagger D-X”.

Did you get curious? Are you thinking of purchasing it? With just 8,000 miles from new, it’s on sale on Hyman Ltd. website and for 200K Dollars it may be yours.


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