Bayami: Rare White Rhinoceros Baby Was Born in France


Rare white baby rhino came to birth and could be a hope to the imminent extinction of the northern white rhinos (only 2 remain in a Kenyan reserve and they are too old to have any cubs).

The great event happened in a French Zoo (Amnéville) few months ago. It is a 40 kilos female baby and was named Bayami. A unique “miracle” occurred just after the birth of 3 white tigers, few time before. White rhinos living in captivity are very rarely able to reproduce and this birth can be surely considered a kind of miracle.

It’s been recorded that only 20,000 individuals are currently left in the wild. The cause? The fierce poaching for their horns, believed to be a miraculous remedy against several illnesses and an aphrodisiac, despite the absence of any scientific evidence. Unfortunately, rhino horns worth more than gold, diamonds and cocaine nowadays.
That’s what human consumers are willing to pay for that (so who is really responsible – or jointly liable – for all these “tragic” events? – Ed.).

That’s the reason why this rare birth is so important and magnificent. A unique occurrence that should make the whole world happy and amazed, yet hopeful to be able to save, eventually, this endangered species.

In the meantime, watch Bayami enjoying little moments with her mum


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