Bikini Contest at a Czech Nuclear Plant: Interns To Be Hired Based on Their Body?

bikini contest to hire intern cez nuclear plant
Merely representative: Bjoern Schwarz | Flickr and S.J 

Last June, a Czech nuclear power plant needed to hire interns and decided to launch a competition to promote technical education. This competition ended up to be a bikini contest started on CEZ’s Temelín Facebook page.

According to the CNN, “the woman with the greatest number of likes was supposed to be crowned ‘Miss Energy 2017′” and hired for a two-week internship with the company.

So, help me understand something: is this the proper professional technical scrutiny? Can a swimsuit contest be good and effective to evaluate the candidates’ skills?

Well, if they wanted to improve the production, “setting the employees on fire” might not be the right way to create the energy, unless there is some kind of technical skill in showing up ones own body.


The final result? People “went on fire” with disapproval comments and the Facebook contest page is now no longer available. But you can still read the CEZ company’s apologies sent two days later on Facebook.

The company decided to eventually give all the finalists the possibility of an internship. We wonder if it would have been the same without complaints from people (Ed.).

And this is how the company closed their message:

We didn’t want to touch anyone. The purpose of the competition was to promote technical education. But if the original vision raised doubts or concerns, we are very sorry.

What do you think? Was it a clever trick to attract the attention and do some promotion? Can this incident be positive or negative for the company?

Would you accept to be hired just for the way you look? Where is the fight against sexual exploitation now?


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