Massive Blue Whale Swimming Underneath A Boat: The Amazing Video Here

blue whale swimming underneath boat
Facebook Screenshoot | Newport Beach, California

Newport Beach, California – it is an ordinary day on the ocean. A boat is sailing and people was not realizing what it was happening underneath, until they saw this aerial video: a massive blue whale swimming close to the boat. You can distinguish it very clearly and see how giant it can be compared to the “already big” boat (at least big to us humans).


In terms of size, the blue whale is the biggest animal in the world. Just to make an idea, it can be as long as six elephants or three buses or one commercial aeroplane. It can grow to lengths of over 90 ft. (82 to 105 ft) and weigh up to 200 tons.

Living, on average, 80 to 90 years on the wild, the population counts 10,000-25,000 individuals and it can be found in the ocean worldwide. The Blue Whale can be actually of different colours (grey, blue, white and black) and can reach a speed of 20kph (13mph). This amazing animal is an endangered species with the biggest threat being the climate change.(Source: National Geograpich | WWF | A-Z Animals)

This is one of them and you can see it in all her majesty in this video taken by Slater Thomas Moore. He is specialized on wild photography and additional images can be seen on his Facebook page.


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