Borg Open Tennis Match Across Usa-Mexico Borders: Is Bjorn Challenging Trump?

Klaus Thymann

In a time where conflicts are still daily issues and incidents (more than in the past? I don’t know: when I read the history conflicts are almost the only topic -Ed).

Anyway, it’s a matter of facts that conflicts do still exist nowadays, in every parts of the world – and even when there are not national wars, there are conflicts within “friends” and family members – still not a good thing if we wish peace to reign all over the planet.

bjorn borg open tennis across borders us mexico
Klaus Thymann

To convey the message of peace and unity, Bjorn Borg and the Round Round agency set out to play a game of tennis across the USA-Mexico border. A brave and meaningful initiative, especially today when the building of a wall all along the border is a contemporary debate and contributes to raise tensions among citizens and politicians.

bjorn borg open tennis across borders us mexico play
Klaus Thymann

Therefore, in an atmosphere of fear, anger, racial hatred and difficulty in creating a peaceful relationship between people, Bjorn Borg launched the “Borg Open”. On this video Peter Clemente, American tennis player, challenges the Mexican Mariano Argote, taking care of not trespassing the USA/Mexico border.

Will sport be the key to reunite people, where, instead, politics and economy (and criminality) sometimes seem only to be able to divide and build “walls”?


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