The Well Know Effect of The Couch … on a Boxer Dog


And here we are again, with a story about animals. For any pet and nature lovers who like sharing their lives with the “best man’s friend”: a dog.

Whatever breed you may own and like, if you live with a dog, you surely know how amazingly they can behave and entertain. You know how much they love to share activities with humans and how well they may, sometimes, behave like a man, with the same reactions and face expressions.

What your dog loves to do and how, we don’t really know, but we sometimes like discovering the weird and, at the same time, charming behaviours of animals around the world (and web).

What if you sit on your couch with your pet and start watching a movie? What if this movie is really relaxing or boring? How you and your dog would react? Who would be the first to fall asleep?

Well, this boxer dog might have been watching a really awful film or a “Chick Flick” (for the disappointment of any girlfriend – Ed.) – we can’t really know for sure – but his reaction was so … human and funny.

Let’s discover why together on this video:

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