Brazilian Teenager Tattooed “I’m a Thief and a Loser” on Forehead


brazilian teenager tattooed I’m a thief and a loser on forehead

31 May, 2017 – He is Brazilian and believed to be a thief. So two guys (27 and 29-year-old) thinking he was stealing a bicycle in a city near Sao Paulo, decided to punish him drawing an ignominious tattoo on his forehead: “EU SOU LADRAO E VACILÃO”, “I’m a thief and a loser.”

The sad incident was recorded with a cellphone and then published on social media. They might have had really funny moments, believing to become some kind of heroes to emulate, but what they didn’t know is that their attempt “to be noticed” (and become famous maybe -Ed) really made them noticed…by the authorities that arrested them.

The truth is that the unfortunate teenager suffers mental health problems, he is a drug user and denied to have tried to steal any bike.
He declared he was drunk at the time and just put his hand on the bicycle for a while. The two “artists” caught him, tied his hands and legs and started to tattoo him, he said.

Despite he begged them to make the tattoo on his arm and that it would have been better to have his arms and legs broken rather then being tattooed, they opted for the forehead and started drawing and laughing, the teenager added.

But what really happened? The video revealed that the boy seemed frightened, he seated on a chair but not tied, while the “tattoo artist” was holding him by the hair. They cut his hair too, after he tried to cover the tattoo.

After the incident, happened on 31 May, the boy had gone missing and returned back to his family four days later on Saturday.

Now an online crowd funding campaign has raised more than 32,000 Brazilian Real to remove the tattoo, while the two men have been arrested and charged with torture.

brazilian teenager tattooed on forehead

What do you think is the truth? Can men be so cruel, more than in a horror film? Don’t you think that losing any faith will bring a total chaos on earth and lead to some kind of self-extinction?

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