This Buffalo Herd Remarkably Fights Back the Lion Pride and This is How It Ended

ngorongoro crater landscape
Ngorongoro crater – Panoramic view (end of the rainy period, 6th May 2009 ): Jsag | Wikimedia Commons

Somewhere in Ngorongoro Crater there is a Lion Pride that wakes up hungry, very starving and decides to go to the “wild restaurant” and “have lunch”. This is an ordinary scene in Africa, where Lions hunt their preys to survive and the preys fight back or run…for survival too.

In this video a lion pride was filmed chasing and attacking a buffalo, but this time, remarkably, the other big bulls in the buffalo herd came to the rescue and a battle ensued. They rush in to repel the lions and free the wounded member. Here is how it ended.

They fought and fought and succeeded at first but, sadly, the rescued buffalo was irreparably damaged and could barely walk. To protect its young from the lions, who would follow the injured animal, the herd had no choice but to put it out of its misery and leave it for the lions.
The whole episode took over two hours. A remarkable insight into the tough decisions in the animal world.

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Have you ever seen or witnessed a success story where the prey was rescued and survived? Do you think the buffalo herd took the right decision?

Featured photo by Demetrius John Kessy | Flickr


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