Can We Build Roads From Plastic and Make Them Last 3 Times Longer?


Welcome to the “PlasticRoad” concept: constructing a road would take days instead of months, and roads would last three times as long.

We waste tons of plastic every day all around the world. Rubbish that can be so dangerous for the nature (and ourselves too, as part of this same nature – Ed.). Fortunately, we humans also found ways to recycle it and avoid making earth pollution even worse that it currently is.

One of these ways is to reuse plastic in road construction. This is the “PlasticRoad” concept and this video will easily show you how it may be possible to build roads in just few days instead of months. How to make roads last three times as long.
The obvious consequences and advantages are costs reductions and more quality all around us. Who has never complained about the terrible status of our roads (despite all the taxes we may pay – Ed.)? Bad road conditions that not only make driving a “hell on earth“, but also constitute a serious danger for our lives, may any accident happens.

So how does this concept work? How the plastic road is built? How can it resist to the traffic and weather?

Essentially, the modular build-up enables quick repairs and the life expectancy is 2-3 times longer than a regular road.

Watch this video demonstration to clearly understand how this concept works.

Credit: PlasticRoad

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