20 Amazing Cakes That Look Like Other Real Food And Drink


Anyone loves beautiful and amazing things and one of them is surely art. Through the centuries we expressed ourselves in several ways, evolving our techniques and styles according to the culture, technology, personal taste, mood and, last but not least, the market.

A trendy kind of art is, nowadays, cake design, with which artists from all around the world show their creativity and skills with amazing artworks that make a cake looking like something definitely different. So astonishing cakes that you would never think they are sweets. Therefore, they become not just elements to feed our hunger, but also our need of beauty and vanity.

We already showed you beautiful designs in the past. Today we would like to reveal you how a sweet tender cake can change the look and turn into other kinds of food and drink.

1. Barbecue Ribs

barbecue ribs


2. Chinese Food On The Table

chinese food on table


3. Crab With A Lemon Slice

crab with lemon slice


4. Cup Of Chocolate

cup of chocolate


5. Eggs And Bacon

eggs and bacon


6. Fried Chicken KFC Menu


fried chicken menu
Cakes by Design, St Helens.

7. Hamburger And French Fries

hamburger and french fries


8. Lobster With Lettuce

lobster cake
David Geaney


9. Noodles Bowl With Chopsticks: this looks like a sculpture.

noodles bowl with chopstiks


10. Octopus Massive Cake

Octopus Cake
Karen Portaleo


11. PEPSI Coke Cans

pepsi coke cans


12. Pile Of Fruits And Vegetables: good looking and attractive.

pile of fruit and vegs


13. Pile Of Junk Food

pile of junk food


14. Popcorn: ready for the movie?

popcorn cacke design


15. Spaghetti And Meatballs Dish

spaghetti and meatballs


16. Subway Sandwich: your next lunch.

subway sandwich


17. Sushi Food

sushi food


18. Take Away Chinese Food

take away chinese food


19. Whiskey Bottle: let’s make a toast.

whiskye bottle cacke


20. Wine Barrel: in case you feel thirsty this evening.

wine barret cacke


Do you like this cake art designs? Would you love more? Have fun with 18 of the Most Inspiring Cake Designs.

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