Can The Sea Really Be The Definitive Solution To Our Energy Problems?


Pollution, limited resources, high expenses, they are some of the big energy issues we experience everyday in this world – for multiple reasons -, but now, we might have found the solution: ocean and sea water. Can it really be the definitive solution to our energy problems and demand?

While we try to reply to this “never ending” question, humans already discovered how to use the sea water to produce and provide energy, a clean one, huge and with a big potential.

Currently, there are few plants with commercial installations, but much more ideas and prototypes are under experimentation. In the meantime, you should know that we already learned how to get energy out from the sea in 4 ways:

1. Tidal power: will the moon be our “partner” in energy supply, thanks to the exploitation of tides?



2. Wave energy: from wave motion to high energy density with a low environmental impact. “Waves are not just for surfing and tsunami … anymore”;



3. Energy from ocean thermal gradient: surface sea water vs. deep sea water = 1 “energy” point for humans;



4. Energy from underwater currents: an almost 0 environmental impact “goes hand in hand” with the greatest energy production.

Will they enter deep into our houses and lives soon? Let’s “keep our energy to survive the days and discover the near future”.

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