Resounding Animal Rescue Saved this Cat From 2 Pounds of “Dreadlocks”


Do you love animals? If so, you probably like seeing them happy and healthy. You might also be among those who would come first to save a poor cat from dangers and a poor life. Do you recognize yourself on this picture? You will like this article, then.

Cat Hidey With Matted Fur
Photo by Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center

A story about a struggling cat. A story about ordinary men who become heroes for a day and never pull back to save a defenceless cute life that deserves more love and attention, yet a better place to live in.

This is Hidey, she is a calico cat and this is her touching story.

Hidey belonged to an 82 years-old Alzheimer’s-suffering owner and was abandoned for years after being discovered struggling with extra 2 pounds of matted fur that resembled “dreadlocks”.
Unfortunately, it wasn’t the last cool hair style this poor cat decided to wear, but the result of years of neglect. Hidey struggled to move because of her overweight fur, but was promptly taken to a vet, when she was discovered.

Shaving Cat Hidey Matted Fur
Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center

These shocking pictures show how poor were the cat’s conditions, making her almost unrecognisable, like a new species found on earth. But once again, kind humans still exist and thanks to them and to the clinic staff (Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), Hidey got back to a normal happy life, after being shaved and getting rid of the uncomfortable extra fur.

Cat Hidey

She can now enjoy a new home, a new lovable family (Paul Russell – long distance relative of the previous elder owner – and his wife Jill) and a warm bed where she likes snuggling on – maybe all day).

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