How Cats Amazingly React in Front of Unexpected Things


Cats Scared Video Compilation

Why does a cat get scared … sometimes in so hilarious ways that it looks like they are just playing a game?

There may be several reasons, from lack of human socialisation to individual personality, or because of the environment (for ex. going to the vet or trying to give a bath). A cat can also feel scared because of past traumatic experiences such as being abused or attacked by another animal. Being sick or injured can also lead them to be scared.

And what could happen when a cat is scared? It can literally lash out and if it can’t run out, it may even try to defend itself, causing severe damages. On the other hand, their nails are like little knives … very fast blades they can master like the best trained ninja -Ed.

Sometimes it can happen that a cat get scared slowly and you can even try to catch and read its body language, helping you to determine its mood: dilated pupil, wide eyed, hissing, etc. You can discover more on this nice article Scared Cat – How To Help A Cat Overcome Fear and learn how to behave and deal with a cat when it’s scared on different situations (strangers, new cat, yourself).

As very sensible small animals, that prefer to avoid conflicts rather than fighting, cats can scared for no reason and for sudden little things. Whether they are in a small apartment or outside in the garden, they are always very curious by nature. Therefore, it’s not unusual to see them approaching unknown objects, carefully and with patience. But it’s when something unexpected happens that they behave in all such ways that usually make us laugh or feel astonished in front of their incredible jumps and runs, like the best circus acrobats.

That’s why we decided, today, to show you a cats getting scared for nothing” video compilation. Whatever is the reason, they will entertain you with their incredible acrobatics, even in front of the most harmless object.

Do you own any cat? How scared can it get and how does it behave? Do you have any video? We will be proud to share it with the whole world, just comment below or contact us.

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