Cats Versus Tails: 14 Ways a Cat Can Fight Against a Tail


Once upon a time a cat and the tail … no, it’s not a fairy tale … but just an ordinary day for these cute and fluffy animals, companions of lonely souls for millennia.

People keep, pet and feed cats for multiple reasons: for mice and reptiles hunting, for therapeutic treatments or just for love sharing and fun. Anyone who owns a cat knows perfectly how amazing and cute playing with a cat can be, as well as looking at them, while they are playing by theme selves, with things that we, humans, could not even see.

One of these “shows” could be the tail chasing, like dogs may do sometimes. Thanks to their behaviour and agility, this “sport” can look really amazing to us, the watchers, enchanted by their weird positions and moves. They may chase their own tale, bite it, chew it, beat and kick it like a prey or enemy, or they could just play with it like they would do with a rope…and the game becomes even more engaging when the tail is of someone else.

Do you know why cats chase their own tail? Do your cat behave in such a way too, if you have one? If you would like more details about this, you can read this article.

In the meantime, whatever the reason is, let’s watch this video and enjoy the umpteenth episode of “Cats vs Tails”.

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