Choking Turtle Rescued From Metres Of Rope Tied Around Its Neck


turtle rescue

Last time we told you about What Happens When We Throw Plastic on Beaches And Into The Sea and how much this can threaten the marine life.

Today we would like to tell you a story with a happy ending. Another rescue action (unfortunately after the big damages and threats the garbage we throw away causes to the whole nature – us included -Ed).

With so many animals in real danger every day (at least 690 species have encountered marine debris), the effort and help that some humans can bring is very precious and really helpful to save a lot of victims.

How would you feel if you were trapped into a fishing net?
What would you think if a rope is strangling you and it’s not your fault?
How would you react in front of a suffering/choking animal knowing that the “killer” is your species?

turtle sore neck

This video shows the heartbreaking images of a turtle rescued from a fishing net. The animal was literally struggling with metres of rope tied around its neck. If these heroes haven’t come in time, the turtle would have surely died. The video clearly shows the touching images of the severely injured marine reptile and the vision could be tough and painful, yet sad and disappointing (humans are sometimes disappointing -Ed.).

At the end, the lucky turtle was freed from the “lethal fishing net“, medicated and released back into the sea: this so wonderful place, too often destroyed by those who should, instead, take most care of it.


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