What Happens When We Throw Plastic on Beaches And Into The Sea


Turtles, seals, whales, fishes and any other marine creatures are all beautiful living beings, just for the only fact that they live on this planet. Humans can also be included because they are on the top of the chain, on the tip of the pyramid and yet the last creatures appeared on earth. This means that everything happening to the rest of the world will ALWAYS have consequences on men, period. It’s not a matter of if, but of when!

Sea Lion

We humans can be responsible for good actions but also for bad behaviours. Pollution is on of theme. What really happens when we throw plastic on beaches and into the sea? Not only we are just making places dirty, but we are also destroying the ecosystem, the same environment that feeds us, where we live in and that can give us opportunities to relax and have fun too.


This video contains a powerful message about pollution. It’s a straightforward warning to each of us and shows the touching and heartbreaking consequences rubbish has on the sea life. Entanglement, suffering, poisoning, injuries, death. Each year we rescue loads of marine mammals entangled in plastic, fishing line and nets. Packing straps are the worst. You may find this bulletin interesting too: The impact of debris on marine life.


If you think a little single rubbish of yours is a harmless innocent object – that someone else will collect for you and for your laziness and irresponsibility (Ed.) – you are definitely wrong. Above all, if you don’t care of the others at all, you should at least care of you, since you are damaging yourself too – or do you seriously think you can live without breathing and eating?
Just in case you think you can, you should firstly read How our trash affects the whole planet and reconsider your beliefs.

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