New Controversial Buondì Motta Italian Snack TV Ad: Asteroid Kills Parents And People Reaction is Immediate

advertising buondi motta

A snack, a TV commercial and social networks. What do they have in common? The popular Italian product Buondì Motta…and asteroids.

The newly released TV commercial got controversial and viral on Social Networks, attracting the attention of anyone, both people who agree and disagree with the company’s choice. The result? The video is getting viral, despite the complaints and maybe that’s just what the company wants.

So, what happened in Italy in these last few days? Is the advertisement so shocking and controversial? We are going to describe and show it, we will tell what some users think and the judgement will be left to you.

The video opens in a beautiful atmosphere, like in the best films: a smiling pretty little girl in a green meadow. In the centre, a table decorated with flowers, ready for the best breakfast ever. But when the kid asks the mother for a light but tasty and yummy breakfast the mother’s answer is straightforward: “it doesn’t exist. An asteroid may hit me if it existed”. And what happens next? The mother is really hit by an asteroid.

After the video has been published on Facebook, the reaction was immediate, dividing the audience into two groups: the lovers and the haters.

“It’s horrible”, “It’s completely inappropriate in this period we are living in”, “It’s ironic”, “It’s awesome”, “Genius”, “Finally a TV commercial that doesn’t make me change the channel”, “They are brave, in a country with so many bigots”. These are some of the comments that are dividing Italians (even though there are much more important things and issues to solve in Italy -Ed.).

And the effects was so viral that the company replied to the audience with the second part of the video: daddy has the same opinion of mum and he’s ready to “challenge the universe”…what happens next? Another asteroid hits the Earth and this time daddy is the target and Facebook people got divided again.

Whatever is the reaction on people, I do believe the company reached the objective, mainly if the purpose was to attract the attention, create brand awareness and get viral – which also mean free promotion.

What do you think about this idea? What group of people do you belong to? Is this snack available in your country? Do you like it?


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