Discovered a Technology to Better Cure a Slipped Disc


Back pains? Slipped disc problems? These can be really annoying and problematic, making you almost impossible to do the normal things and practically live a normal life. Fortunately we have several treatments available to cure a slipped disc and a new technology found to maximize the results: Cervical disc arthroplasty, and we are going to show you a video and explain how it really works.

So, what are the treatments? You can read below what the UK National Health Service (NHS) suggests, or you can directly jump below to read about the new way and watch the video:

Keeping active: in most cases, a slipped disc will slowly improve with rest, gentle exercise and medication.

Physiotherapy: a range of techniques, including massage and manipulation, to restore movement and function.

Osteopathy and chiropractic: used to treat back pain

Medication: medicines to help ease any painful symptoms

Painkillers: always read the manufacturer’s instructions

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs): to relieve pain and reduce any inflammation.

Codeine: stronger painkiller only prescribed when other painkillers and NSAIDs can’t be used or tolerated or haven’t worked

Corticosteroids: anti-inflammatory medicine.

Muscle relaxants: taken for a few days if your back or leg muscles are very tense.

Surgery: aimed to cut away the piece of the disc that bulges out to release the pressure on your spinal nerves. Two of the procedures are Open discectomy and Endoscopic laser discectomy.

In addition to these two above mentioned surgery treatments, a new way has been discovered and applied successfully: Cervical disc arthroplasty.
This technology can minimize the risks and maximize the good effects and you can see how it works on this video. It involves inserting a cervical artificial disc into the intervertebral space after a natural cervical disc has been removed. A cervical artificial disc essentially functions like a joint, allowing for flexion, extension, side bending and rotation. You can read more specific details here.

Did you already know that? Do you suffer of this disease? Which treatment was effective to you?

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