Disney Princesses Bring Magic at The Children Hospital


They are Kylee McGrane and Maggie McAndrew. They are students at the College of Mount Saint Vincent and they are literally making the dreams of children patients true. Through their foundation, “A Moment of Magic”, and 40 volunteers, they are making special visits to children cancer patients at the hospitals over the US countries and bringing unforgettable magic moments to them by dressing up as real life Disney princesses.

From the sad condition and atmosphere in the hospital setting, the Children can jump into special happy moments, during which magic and dreams become real. Children can feel like living a fairy tale in person, right in front of their favourite Disney Princess, singing their memorable songs … together.

These visits have lasting positive effects on the children and can make their day.
You just see this instantaneous magic happening”, McAndrew says. ”You’re beautiful”, children say, “and that’s the most touching thing”.

Thanks to Kylee McGrane and Maggie McAndrew, famous princesses like “Elsa” from “Frozen” or “Ariel” from “The Little Mermaid” really meet their fans and put smiles on the faces of children with serious illnesses or special needs.
Like other colleges and universities programmes do, such as “The Fairytale Force” or “Mission Super Hero”, they give the children the chance to forget they are in a hospital for just one day, and that means the world to them.

Special gifts, like tiaras, make these moments even better, by making the children feel like a real fairytale princess … even though they already are princesses with or without a tiara and dress, because “anyone can be the superhero, prince and princess of ones own little piece of world”, what do you think?

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