Dog Pierced by Two Arrows, Victim of Chinese Meat Trade


Chengdu, China: the atrocious Chinese meat trade hit again and the victim is a poor dog, evilly shot with two arrows by a heartless trade hunter. The horrifying pictures of the innocent animal got viral all around the world and raise the indignation of all activists and animal lovers after it’s been shared by the Facebook group “Guardians of Chinese Animal Protection”.

China has come a stage to outlaw the dog meat trade. This industry is socially destabilizing, reputation damaging, and morally repulsive. This trade is causing a lot of suffering to millions of dogs and tens of millions of animal lovers in China. Because of that, the Country can never be a world leader as long as this barbaric trade is not outlawed”. This is what China’s Rescues and Shelters wrote on one of their Facebook posts.

Dog Hit by Arrows in China



Fortunately, this heartbreaking story had a happy ending and the poor dog, pierced on its shoulder and neck was rescued by the “animal heroQiao Wei (director of “Qimin Animal Protection Association” shelter) and rushed to the hospital for a perfect recovery. “Arrow Dog”, like it’s been renamed, is now safe and they are taking good care of him. Pet Hospital Dean Doctors Qiu said that fortunately the arrow did not hurt the bones and cervical spine and scapula are also not injured. The dog should be discharged soon.

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