Drink Coffee in Peace in Affectionate Dogs Company


Do you think there is a heaven for dogs? It exists, and it is here, on earth!

In South Korea, in Seoul, as far back as 2001 there BAU HOUSE, a spacious place where dogs and owners can spend hours in perfect harmony. They can run, play, lie down on the chairs as if they were human beings, completely undisturbed and without restrictions. Even their owners, like dogs, are happy. They can sip coffee watching their best friend who likes.

We believe should be done a tribute to the inventors of Bau House, with the hope that places like these increase in all the planet.

Moreover, the dog has always been man’s best friend …. do not you think?

If you want to see a bit of photos of cute dogs Bau House, we point bittenbythetravelbug.com.

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