This Drone May Change The Way We “Dominate” The Sky


You don’t need a pilot or a licence. All you need to do is to seat, be a passenger inside and enjoy the flight. What’s that? The Ehang 184 single-passenger drone, powered by batteries and controlled by a computer.

This innovation is unveiled at CES in Las Vegas and could change the way we “dominate” the sky and manage our transportation.

Company co-founder Yifang Xiong says it takes off vertically and is controlled by a Unique Application System designed for non-pilots. Lithium batteries provide a flying time of 23 minutes. Xiong admits it may be a scary concept, but envisages a future where passenger drones seem normal.

Passenger Battery Drone

Ehang 184 single-passenger drone is defined an “AAV”, Autonomous Aerial Vehicle. According to the company, this is the safest, smartest and eco-friendly low altitude autonomous aerial vehicle, aiming on providing Medium-Short Distance communication and transportation solution.

Ehang 184 AAV could be the ultimate flight experience, with a comfortable cabin environment and a stable flight. In fact, an excellent dynamic balance and wind resistance assures a smooth and steady flight even in windy condition.

Do you like to fly? Would you dare to try it? Do you think this will be the future of human transportation, evolving from a single-passenger to a family vehicle?


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