Emotional Movie Refused by Adidas Goes Viral: Who’s the Winner?


This was just a film school project crafted by the 26 years old German student Eugen Merher and his staff. “Break Free” is its title, it was proposed to Adidas company, but then ignored and refused.


Why didn’t this movie raise the interest of the company? We don’t really know, but one thing is for sure: it’s attracting the interest of many users and going viral on all social networks.
And why? The reason stands on the emotions this movie creates: a touching piece of storytelling that may help the brand to stand out and give their products some kind of warmth and soul, a reason to live…again and be active.

Published just last 15th December 2016, and received no reply from Adidas communications department, this movie is now getting famous and so engaging that some viewers reactions and comments were:

“it’s a fan-made ad”
“what a Masterpiece”
“great story, editing, filming, photography”
“terrific ad”
“moved me to tears – tears of joy!
“I thought it was a song video and the artists name is Adidas”
“Awesome commercial. I wish Adidas would buy it”

So, who’s the real winner in this story? Well, maybe it’s a 50/50. Adidas gained a totally free advertising with a video now having more than 10 millions views on YouTube and going viral on every social networks. The creators may have earned good money from the YouTube advertising system and they also promoted themselves, again for free. Hopefully, their next project will bring them even much more success or Adidas will, eventually, consider Eugen Merher and this movie as their next TV commercial.

In the meantime, enjoy this “short movie” and tell us what emotions you feel.

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