Faroe Islands: Each Year A Useless Whales Hunting Becomes A Heartless Massacre


The Faroe Islands, also spelled the Faeroes, (/ˈfɛəroʊ/; Faroese: Føroyar pronounced [ˈfœɹjaɹ]; Danish: Færøerne, pronounced [ˈfæɐ̯øːˀɐnə]) is an archipelago between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic, about halfway between Norway and Iceland, 320 kilometres (200 miles) north-northwest of Scotland. Its area is about 1,400 square kilometres (541 square miles) with a population of 50.030 in April 2017.The Faroe Islands is an autonomous country within the Danish Realm.
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The Faroese nature is very real, always challenging you to explore it by sea or land. Although small and remote, the Faroe Islands are packed with unique and authentic adventures for every kind of visitor. The setting is a colourful and truly stunning place. You can also enjoy numerous festivals and events throughout the year. Considering the size of the population, the Faroese music life is of a surprisingly high quality.
(Source: Faroe Islands Tourist Guide)

But each year another festival takes part. A sport event called “Grindadrap”. A brutal practice that evolved from necessary hunting for food (started back to 1584, based on the records) to a useless and meaningless massacre. Using the old technique they developed, now they hunt and kill just for fun, with tons of animals wasted and a bloody scenario like in the best horror movie. The hunted and killed animals are polluted and not good to eat any more, and the only result is a terrifying extermination to which even kids assist to have some fun. But can a brutality be considered a kind of entertainment?

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Let’s explain better how it works. When a pod of cetaceans are spotted offshore, the massacre begins.
The majority of North Atlantic cetaceans give birth to their calves in the warm waters of the equator before migrating past the Faroe Islands to feed in the nutrient rich waters of Svalbard and the Arctic. Long-finned pilot whales pass by the North Atlantic islands while pursuing squid, their main source of food.

The local community heads out in small boats loaded with stones, hooks, ropes, and knives. Once they have approached the pod, the boats form a small half-circle behind the dolphins. Small rocks attached to lines are thrown into the water to create a wall of bubbles to reflect the sonar of the pilot whale. The cetaceans interpret the bubbles as a cliff wall that they must steer away from – because of this, the small boats are able to herd the cetaceans towards a low-lying shore. As the pod approaches land, the boats continue to harass and frighten the mammals until they’re washed up on the shore. Once beached, a knife is used to cut through the veins and arteries that supply blood to the pilot whales head. Some pilot whales suffer for as much as 30 seconds while others can take up to four minutes to die.

faroe islands whale massacre

Those pilot whales that do not wash ashore have a gaff hook beaten into their blowhole and are then pulled ashore by rope. All of this just for fun, no other reasons. Can you imagine the scenario? A graveyard under the see, full of whale bones; a sea turned red like the worst crime scene ever; a mass of people smiling and proudly admiring the “crime” (as if killing had become normal like drinking a glass of water -Ed.).

When will all this end? These images and video will show you the shocking practice taking place each year and it’s proposed just to make you and all your friends aware of that, with the hope you all together can expose the case further and eventually make them stop this insane event.
You can find additional information on the Sea Shepherd Campaign web page.

faroe islands whale death

Do you practice hunting for food or sport? Do you really think this can be considered like that? Maybe there are much more important things to do in this word rather than enjoying blood and death.

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