“Fast & Furious” Comes to Our Real Life … in Bikers Version


Are you a biker and like riding a motorcycle? Do you love running on the streets without any fear … and rules? Are you a fan of police chases in action movies?

Well, what if all of this is not just a fiction but a reality? When police chases people there’s always a reason … hopefully a good one (Ed.), and sometimes it can become even entertaining, as long as there’s a happy ending.

This video is a “bikers vs police chase compilation” where “Fast & Furiouscomes to our real life … in bike version. Sometimes it might be just a way to pass the time – perhaps for people who don’t really have too much to do in their life?(Ed.) – but sometime, it’s a real escape from police (I can’t really know the reasons) or a true fight or challenge, a provocation against those you are meant to protect us and maintain the order.

Do you think bikers and street racers have a kind of priority over other things? What if police men are challenged? Could ignoring them make things worse, losing the control over everything else?

In the meantime, enjoy this video and wonder whether you would act the same, what’s better to do and if you feel on police or bikers side.


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