Feline Fetishes That Make No Sense At All


Has your cat ever made you tilt your head and scratch your head?
Has it ever done strange things repeatedly for no reason at all? Such as jumping at the sight of cucumbers, staring into walls, or rolling around on your kitchen floor?

Well, that is why we love our cats so much!

While they run around, banging into objects and slipping on the floor as they go, they are here to make us smile.

This video wonderfully captures the life of a cat, acting silly and running to every box it sees.

It coils backwards to plot its strategy, carefully analysing the width of the box, and then, with a leap of faith (literally) it scurries towards the box and buries its face within, sliding across the floor and laying flat on its belly with its legs apart.

Now tell me, isn’t that the cutest thing you’ve seen today?

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